Therapeutic Theater & Theater of the Oppressed

I am a trained Theatre of the Oppressed facilitator and therapeutic theatre facilitator. My theatre work integrates Theatre of the Oppressed, drama therapy & devised theatre. I specialize in integrating applied theatre techniques into all of my trainings and workshops in order to help participants explore issues through action, while also embodying the transformation they wish to see in their lives and work. I also specialize in teaching devised theatre with teenagers, wherein they develop their own original theatre pieces to process issues in their lives and tell their own stories, as well as facilitating therapeutic theatre with teens to help them manage real challenges in their lives.

Some example theatre projects I have worked on are:

  1. Training teenage girls at Girls for Gender Equity in NYC to facilitate Theatre of the Oppressed Forum Theatre to address sexual harassment in their schools.
  2. Supporting refugee youth in NYC to develop their own original theatre pieces about their experiences of war and forced migration.
  3. Facilitating therapeutic theatre with LGBTQ youth and young adults in Oakland to help them explore their identities, make their own art and tell their stories.
  4. Teaching therapeutic theatre at Brooke Charter School in Boston to help high school girls manage stress and experience empowerment during adolescence.

Please contact me for more information about my theatre work. I am available to teach in schools and facilitate specialized workshops with both adults and teens.