Consulting & Teaching

I can help your agency:

  1. Develop systems to ensure your agency is trauma-informed for both clients and staff, even if your agency does not specifically address violence or abuse. You do not need to be a victim’s service agency to be trauma-informed. Many agencies, such as job readiness or youth programs, work with people who have had trauma, yet do not specifically address trauma. Having knowledge about trauma, without providing specific services for it, can make staff and clients feel safe, effective and empowered.
  2. Prevent and respond to staff burnout, secondary traumatic stress and vicarious trauma.
  3. Address issues related to power, privilege, race, class, gender, and sexual orientation that affect inter-staff and staff-client dynamics.
  4. Create an inspiring vision and develop a practical strategic plan, as well as monitoring and evaluation tools to assess the progress and impact of your plan.
  5. Build stronger teams and relationships among staff, including resolving any current conflict.
  6. Re-inspire and re-invigorate your team about the work you do.
  7. Envision and implement an organizational culture that supports creativity and excitement.
  8. Form strong and effective inter-agency collaborations.


Some reasons to consider my consulting and training services:

  1. Your staff express feeling burnt out and/or staff productivity is declining.
  2. You have a high staff turnover rate.
  3. You want your staff to better understand trauma and how to support survivors of trauma, without being trained as clinicians.
  4. There are challenges in open honest communication among staff.
  5. There are issues pertaining to power, privilege, race, class, gender, or sexual orientation affecting staff relationships.
  6. You have a great project plan and need to make sure the impact of the project is measured and achieved.
  7. You want to reignite staff passion for the amazing work you do.
  8. You have a new team and need to formulate a vision for your work.
  9. You are starting an inter-agency collaboration and want to make sure it is successful and effective.
  10. You want to create a stronger sense of a team among your staff.
  11. You want to expand the agency vision of your work.


All of my consultant work can include:

  1. Travel to you for onsite facilitation and/or remote support/training.
  2. Pre-consultancy needs assessment, including individually speaking with as many agency staff as desired.
  3. On site facilitation (single or multiple day).
  4. Post-training check-ins and summary finding reports, when needed.