“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that.

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman




My coaching supports individuals to be fulfilled, free, inspired and healed, while making a difference for others. So many of us feel called to serve, yet at some point feel stuck about how to do so in a way that feels sustainable and freeing. Whether you are unsure about what you want to do, or you are doing something you care about but feel burnt out, I can help you align with your deeper yearning in order to create a life that makes you feel alive and of service.


Transformative coaching provides you with a powerful and ongoing relationship that helps you focus on and realize your visions and goals. Coaching provides the tools and support to remove obstacles and facilitate change. As a coach, I do not advise you about how to live your life, but instead help you tap into your own wisdom in order to facilitate the transformation you need to live the life you dream of. Rather than focus on problems, we identify your possibilities. I address the wellness of people’s mind, body and spirit as is appropriate and relevant to each individual. Through coaching, I support you to realize what makes you come alive and then go out and do it.


My coaching provides personalized support so that you can:

  • Identify, and do something about, areas where you feel stuck in your personal healing and growth.
  • Let go of things you’re holding onto from the past that don’t serve you.
  • Be accountable for areas where you’re not taking responsibility for your life.
  • Speak and live truth.
  • Do activist work in a way that nurtures and makes you come alive.
  • Cultivate healthy and supportive relationships.
  • Develop your leadership ability.
  • Take on and accomplish a dream project.
  • Practice self-care and achieve balance.
  • Connect to spiritual resources.



I have extensive experience working with people who work in non-profit organizations, social justice activists, academics, people of color, immigrants, queer and trans* people, and survivors of trauma. I support developing leaders who want to impact social change and survivors who want to reclaim their power and determine their future.


My coaching is:

  • Grounded in anti-oppression principles. Specifically, I provide anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homo & transphobic, anti-ablest, anti-classist, anti-xenophobic and anti-fatphobic support.
  • Trauma informed. I am a trained clinician who specializes in trauma (although coaching sessions will not include trauma counseling).
  • Focused on accountability and personal responsibility. I focus on what you can do to change things, vs. what other people are doing. Each session will follow a structure and have homework assignments in order to maximize the benefit of our work together.
  • Present and future focused. We build on your strengths and resources to help you move forward, rather than focus on analyzing the past.
  • Participant centered. We focus on what you want to address and what’s important to you, not my own agenda.
  • Inclusive of those who do sex-work and/or are in BDSM or polyamorous communities.
  • Offered on a sliding scale. I do not ask for proof of income, but request that you are honest about what you can afford to pay per session. If you do activist work for an agency, I can provide required documentation to assist you to get your agency to pay for some or all of your coaching sessions.


Coaching is not:

  • Counseling or therapy. Although I am trained in understanding and responding to trauma, the online sessions are not therapy and are not meant to replace therapeutic support. You may however explore whether or not you want to access therapy in your coaching sessions and I can help you find the right therapist for you. If you live in Massachusetts, I may be available to be your therapist and can integrate coaching and therapy together.
  • Crisis support. I cannot provide emergency or crisis support of any kind.


Free Consultation!

If your are unsure if coaching is right for you, or if I am the right coach for  you, I am happy to provide you with a free 30 minute consultation to answer any questions you might have and to discuss my approach to coaching. Please call or e-mail me at: (781) 436-0116 or [email protected]


Client Testimonials

“I don’t think I can truly describe the impact of CarmenLeah’s coaching. Suffice it to say it did change my life. Put me on the path to good mental and physical health. Opened up my mind to infinite possibilities. Made me realize for real that I am worthy of the same goodness I try to give. And on and on and on. High Impact. Positive Impact.” – Coaching client

“CarmenLeah’s coaching had such a monumental impact on my life. I feel like I have a deeply enhanced sense of clarity over how I have prevented myself from connecting to my divine self as well as tools to achieve success, vulnerability, and authenticity in my life.” – Coaching client

“CarmenLeah’s coaching had a tremendous impact on me. I did not feel the heaviness of depression during our work and also was able to deal with a lot of disappointment with clarity and balance. This has had a huge impact on my job and personal life. With my job I’m taking a lot more bolder risks and implementing more creativity and assurance. I’ve been able to really hear God/myself and now know practices I can do to calm my space so I can make good healthy decisions.” – Coaching client

“I feel freer than I did before.” – Coaching client

“One of my goals [for coaching] was redeveloping resilience, and I feel like I was able to tap into and renew my energy, and to recognize how taking accountability for my choices and happiness makes it easier to feel and stay grounded. Naming my values and my fears, as well as accepting them as part of my wholeness, has had a huge impact on how I react moment to moment and cope with stress. Especially [after being exposed to old triggers again], it’s super apparent how my perspective has changed, and I can feel the difference in my body, and in my ability to recognize when I need to take a moment to breathe. I literally feel more free.” – Coaching client

“CarmenLeah, my coach, inspired and guided me into a mirror where I had to face the difficult questions and enjoy my beautiful parts no matter how much I wanted to hate. I am challenging myself to grow everyday and to focus on acceptance, and I owe it to [coaching]. I am confronting my flaws as reason to exist and to live, and not reasons to give up. I am working towards channeling my future self… and all her beauty. I try to recognize more, and don’t pretend to be cured. I search for why and try to make the changes I can. I share my truth to further my acceptance, because when I share my story I often realize I am not alone.” – Coaching client