Politically conscious trauma-informed ecotherapy, coaching and education.

Corey Yarbrough

“CarmenLeah has an amazing ability to connect with individuals on a professional and personal level to bring out the very best in them. She carefully strikes a balance between meeting the goals and objectives of a project while also caring for the well-being of all those involved. She uses creative ways to build trust among teams by ensuring all voices are heard and empowering others to lead. Through working with her as apart of an inter-agency collaboration addressing partner abuse in LGBTQ communities of color, I have seen her successfully train others on trauma informed care and how to support youth of color. I have also seen her thrive in challenging environments where she was forced to tackle power dynamics within larger institutions with the purpose of bringing new resources and information to underserved communities. She is a well organized and focused leader who is strongly connected to the experiences and voices of the communities she seeks to serve.”

Corey Yarbrough Founder & Former Executive Director - The Hispanic Black Gay Coalition
Coaching Client

“I don’t think I can truly describe the impact of CarmenLeah’s coaching. Suffice it to say it did change my life. Put me on the path to good mental and physical health. Opened up my mind to infinite possibilities. Made me realize for real that I am worthy of the same goodness I try to give. And on and on and on. High Impact. Positive Impact.”

Coaching Client