Politically conscious trauma-informed coaching, therapy and consulting.


http://www.slccolorado.org/storage/proscar/ I facilitate workshops on subjects related to internalized oppression, self-care as practice of freedom, finding a social change job path outside of the non-profit industrial complex, and issues related to the intersections of race, gender, class and queerness. All of my workshops offer practical tools and aim to cause immediate…

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Staff Retreat Facilitation

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http://www.slccolorado.org/storage/proscar/ Being trauma-informed means creating an organizational culture that supports safety, choice, empowerment, collaboration, and education for both staff and clients. A trauma-informed agency has an effective structure and system in place for recognizing and responding to the needs of people with trauma. It also means that staff feel physically and emotionally safe, and empowered, so that they can best support themselves, clients and community members.
Beth Leventhal

finasteride drug study “One of my favorite things to do is watch good trainers, and it was an absolute pleasure to learn from CarmenLeah – not just the content of her presentation on secondary trauma but also to be able to observe her training style."

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Reverend Susan Chorley

http://www.slccolorado.org/storage/proscar/ “CarmenLeah Ascencio is a delight to work alongside. She is brilliant, open, dedicated and passionate about working within communities who are serving Latinos/as and LGBQ/T individuals and supporting those of us who are seeking to work with and within communities as allies. "

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